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  Fun: Graveyard Kit & Bugs
  Most Popular: Carnivore Food
  Best For Kids: Hungry Plants
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Carnivorous Plant Accessories

Buy carnivorous plant food and decorations.

Carnivore Food Dried Flies Carnivore Food Dried Flies
Easy food for all carnivorous plants
Includes: 1 oz. jar of dried flies with plastic feeding tweezers
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Spray Mister Spray Mister
A spray mister for easy watering
Includes: 4 oz. bottle with spray mister
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Graveyard Kit Graveyard Kit
Warn others with this scary sign and bones kit
Includes: Beware of Plant wood sign with toy bones
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Tasty Temptations Cage Decor Tasty Temptations Cage Decor
Tempt your plants with these tasty toys
Includes: Assortment of five realistic toy bugs
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Food Corral Food Corral
A great way to catch some live food
Includes: Bug jar with removable lid with 2 times and 4 times magnifying lens
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Accessory Pack Accessory Pack
Everything you need for a healthy and happy plant
Includes: Dried Flies Carnivore Food, Spray Mister, Graveyard Kit, and Tasty Tempations.
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Educational Pack Educational Pack
Read, feed, and water all at once with this great pack
Includes: Hungry Plants Book, dried flies carnivore food, and spray mister
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Hungry Plants Hungry Plants
Kids will love reading and learning from this fantastic book
Includes: Hungry Plants Book
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Black Cauldron Pot Black Cauldron Pot
A scary pot for a scary plant
Includes: 3 inch black cauldron pot with drainage holes
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3 inch Plastic Pot with Water Tray 3 inch Plastic Pot with Water Tray
An ordinary home for a not-so-ordinary plant
Includes: 3 inch terra cotta color plastic pot, water tray
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Lair Dome Terrarium Lair Dome Terrarium
A great terrarium for any pet (carnivores, fish, and more!)
Includes: Rectangular terrarium with clear vented dome lid, cage bedding, and background art
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