See What Customers Are Saying!

My Carnivore has a long history of happy customers and impressed judges. We are confident that you will receive a healthy carnivorous plant and enjoy it for as long as you wish. Here are some examples of what our customers are saying about our carnivorous plant pets:

Cincinnati, OH

Of course I place my order with My Carnivore at the beginning part of the busy season! I had a sort of specific shipping requirement and was nervous when I didn’t get an instantaneous response from my email to them. Once Brad got to my email and recognized my discomfort, he took care of things in a very business like manner and smoothed it over more than well AND my shipping needs were met! I can honestly say I will look no further for my carnivorous plant needs! Thanks Brad!

Kirbyville, MO

Plants look great and were packed very well, also came with nice instruction booklets! Slight delay to let the plants grow which I was emailed about. I would order from them again!


I recently purchased a ‘Carnivore Lair’ from My Carnivore. I was very pleased that it arrived on time and that the service was great! The plants were also exceptional. The terrarium is very helpful for keeping the plants humid and protecting them from household pets such as cats. Like I said before I am very pleased with my purchace and I will definatly be purchacing more products from My Carnivore in the future.

Romeoville, IL

I ordered two venus fly traps from two different companies, MyCarnivore.com and another one.

The MyCarnivore.com plant was MUCH healthier and everyone at my office loves Seymore and his little cage. In addition, I also ordered a sundew and a nepenthes and they are gorgeous. Customer service was excellent. My sundew is still maturing and does not have all of its tentacles yet but Brad contacted me and told me that if the plant does not have its tentacles soon, he will replace the plant.

Great experience.

Charlotte, NC

What a wonderful product. I recieved the Seymore fly trap kit. My plant arrived full of life and vitality. The terrarium is of quality product. Highly recommended. And my Vinny is waiting on me to bring home a brother or sister carnivore :)

Wrightwood, CA

Shipping was fast. Product did get messed up a little. But, I called and mycarnivore answered quickly and is sending a replacement right away. Thanks!

Cincinnati, OH

I received extremely responsive and great customer service from My Carnivore – even though I made an error in the shipping address when ordering, the company graciously reshipped at no additional cost.

Thanks Brad – your willingness to go the extra mile is greatly appreciated and I look forward to the opportunity to do business with My Carnivore again in the future.

Seneca, SC

Ordering from “My Carnivore” and doing business with them was one of the best experiences I’ve had ordering on-line ever!!! About 4 months before my daughter’s birthday, she told me she wanted a venus flytrap. Being a mom, I stored that info in the back of my mind and started searching for sites. A week before my child’s birthday, she had a cousin take her all over a nearby city searching for, of all things, a flytrap. Of course, I cringed when I found out because I had already ordered her “gift” … imagine what relief I felt when they returned home and had not been able to find a plant all over town.

When puchasing the plant, I decided to order the whole kit: the plant with a terrarium, and all the ‘fixings’. When we opened the box, all was there. However, the plastic terrarium had a crack down the side. All I had to do was email the company and had a replacement within a week at most.
The biggest thing is that this company followed-up with me to make sure all went well. I had encountered some problems with “Venus” and tried to do something about it … unfortunately it was too late. There is going to be a replacement plant in the mail for us soon. Who could ask for anymore? This has been a great experience and I’d refer “My Carnivore” to anybody :o)