Carnivorous Plant Terrarium

  Terrarium Quick Facts

  Varieties: Potted or Planted
  Plant Types: All Carnivores
  Pros: Many Plants Together
  Most Plants: The Jungle
  Care Level: Easy - Medium
  Uses: Home, Office, Gift, Science Project

Carnivorous Plant Terrarium

Introducing the “Mini Bogs” and “Flytrap Garden” Kits for 2013


At My Carnivore, we not only provide you with colorful and healthy plants, but offer environments that help you to easily maintain your plants for continual enjoyment.  Now for 2013, we have developed our educational and low cost “Mini Bog” and “Flytrap Garden” kits.  Each kit is furnished with everything you need to set up your own custom and unique carnivorous terrarium.  Consider getting both Mini Bogs and then stacking them up to form a really impressive display!


Features of a “Mini Bog” (Select either the Venus Flytrap or Sundew Kit)

  • Attractive 7”x4-1/2”x6” terrarium with colorful top, handle and lid (colors vary)
  • Humidity control partitions
  • 2 healthy Venus Flytraps plant plugs or 2 Sundew plant plugs (2 different species)
  • Growing medium
  • Planting and feeding tweezers
  • A hand painted creepy critter decoration for your Mini Bog
  • Full planting and growing instructions
  • Only $14.95 plus shipping

For the Flytrap Enthusiast who likes to trick or feed traps, this is the kit for you…
The “Flytrap Garden Kit” has our larger 9”x6”x7” terrarium and is supplied with four Venus Flytrap plants plus other goodies including a jar of dead flies so you can immediately begin to feed your traps.  With so many traps to feed, you and the kids/friends can play with the traps and have fun watching them thrive in their custom home.  The “Flytrap Garden” is a real bargain for the Flytrap enthusiast at $27.95 plus shipping.

Features of a “Flytrap Garden Kit”

  • Practical 9”x6”x7” terrarium with colorful top, handle ,and lid (colors vary)
  • Humidity control partitions
  • Humidity level indicator strip to help determine proper humidity levels
  • 4 actively growing Venus Flytrap plant plugs
  • Growing medium
  • Planting and feeding tweezers
  • Jar of dead flies to feed your traps
  • Full planting and growing instructions
  • Just $27.95 plus shipping 



Family Lair

Carnivore Family Lair
Includes:  Carnivore Family Collection, Custom domed terrarium, and Cage bedding
Price:  $35.95
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Carnivore Jungle

Carnivore Jungle
Includes:  Large 5 gallon terrarium with lid, carnivore soil mix, 4 Venus Flytraps, 3 Sundews, 2 Nepenthes, 2 Scarlet Belles, and 2 Rubras, background art, and instructions
Price:  $64.95
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"Just wanted to thank you for a great venus fly trap we bought as a Christmas present. My daughter loved it and is having a great time with it..."
-Riki in Wyoming

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