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Percy the Pitcher Plant

Here at My Carnivore, you can find healthy Pitcher Plants, ready to adopt! My Carnivore not only provide you with a Percy Pitcher Plant, but all the knowledge and equipment you need to keep Percy thriving!

Even though he looks like he’s from the jungle, Percy the Pitcher Plant actually is native to North America. The plant is called the “Pitcher Plant” because its long, tubular traps resemble pitchers of water. If you buy a Pitcher Plant for sale at My Carnivore, it will arrive at your house healthy, and actively growing. My Carnivore’s 30-day guarantee ensures that you are satisfied with your Pitcher Plant.

A Pitcher Plant captures its prey by enticing a bug with a pleasant-smelling nectar and striking colors: green, red, yellow, and occasionally purple. When the bug lands on the neck of the pitcher, it loses track of where the light is coming from because of the plant’s hood. Once the bug wanders further inside, downward pointing hairs force the bug further down the tube. Eventually, the bug becomes wedged against the narrowing tube. This is where the Pitcher Plant slowly digests it. Yum!


A Basic Percy Pitcher Plant Includes:

  • 1 healthy, adult Pitcher Plant (Scarlet Belle variety)
  • 3 inch plastic pot
  • Water tray
  • 8 page care booklet

Nick the Nepenthes kit also available:

  • 1 healthy, adult Nepenthes tropical pitcher plant
  • Heavy duty cage/terrarium
  • Cage bedding and background
  • 3″ plastic pot
  • 8 page care booklet

The exotic-looking Pitcher Plant for sale at My Carnivore look great anywhere! Not only is this plant entertaining, but it’s easy to take care of and a great starter pet for kids! Don’t forget to also check out Percy’s friends, Seymour the Venus Fly Trap, and Caesar the Sundew!