Venus Fly Trap TerrariumFrom $14.99

Carnivorous Plant Terrarium

Perhaps you are ready to care for more than one plant, or would like the chance to own several different kinds of carnivores at once.  If you have a favorite plant, you can enjoy having an exclusively Venus Fly Trap terrarium, or Sundew terrarium, with a My Carnivore Mini Bog.  Or, if you’d like to own more than one type of plant, with a My Carnivore terrarium kit you can enjoy watching three different kinds of plant (the Venus Fly Trap, Sundew, and Pitcher Plant) in the same terrarium!

Carnivore Jungle

If you are itching for a complete carnivore experience, the Carnivore Jungle is the terrarium for you!  This terrarium has so many plants packed in that it really does look like a jungle, and it will be impossible for a bug to escape!

  • 5 gallon terrarium with lid
  • 13 Actively growing plants: 4 Venus Fly Traps, 3 Sundews, 2 Nepenthes, 2 Scarlet Belles, and 2 Rubras
  • Soil mix growing medium
  • Humidity control partitions
  • Background Art
  • Full planting and growing instructions

$64.99 plus shipping

Venus Fly Trap Terrariums: Mini Bogs

At My Carnivore, we not only provide you with colorful and healthy plants, but offer environments that help you to easily maintain your plants for continual enjoyment.  New for 2014, we have developed the educational and low cost “Mini Bog” kits, which include many plants together.

These kits require an easy–medium level of care, and are ideal for offices, gifts, or even science projects!  Each kit is furnished with everything you need to set up your own custom and unique carnivorous terrarium.  Consider getting multiple Mini Bogs and then stacking them up to form an impressive display!

The Mini Bog

(Select either the Venus Flytrap or Sundew Kit)

  • 7”x4-1/2”x6” terrarium with colorful top, handle and lid (colors vary)
  • 2 healthy Venus Fly Traps plant plugs or 2 Sundew plant plugs (2 different species)
  • Soil mix growing medium
  • Humidity control partitions
  • Planting and feeding tweezers
  • A hand painted creepy critter decoration for your Mini Bog
  • Full planting and growing instructions

$14.99 plus shipping