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Accessories: Venus Flytrap Food and Accessories to Keep Your Plant Looking It’s Best!

Plant Care Accessories

Keep your plant healthy with the Care Accessories from My Carnivore.  The Spray Mister keeps your plant’s den moist, ensuring that your plant doesn’t go dry.  The Dried Flies are great Venus Flytrap food, or food for whatever plant you have, if you are having trouble catching bugs to feed your plant by yourself.  The tweezers provided with the flies help you to easily feed your plant.

Our team at My Carnivore knows how much your plant means to you. Keep it in the best shape by caring for it properly and giving it the nutrients it needs to stay in tip-top shape!

Decoration Accessories

Make your plant seem tough and scary by decorating it’s cage with bones and a “beware of plant” sign! The Graveyard Kit adds personality to your plants den, making your plant friends seem more terrifying than they actually are!

If you want your terrarium to look less scary and look more like a garden, decorate with the Tasty Temptations Bugs! Place toy grasshoppers, ants, and a butterfly around your plant to spruce up his lair!

The My Carnivore décor is perfect for showing off your plant.

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