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Check out the fun carnivorous plants available here at My Carnivore.  Each pet comes with its own healthy actively growing plant, cage/terrarium, pot, bedding, and background.  You can personalize your carnivorous plants by selecting your own combination of these and adding accessories!  Each pet has a different method to catch and eat bugs, and they are all fun to feed and grow! After your carnivorous plants arrive, you can officially adopt them and give them a new adopted name (adoption includes a free adoption certificate and access to special owner webpages and discounts).

Venus Fly Trap Character

Seymour the Venus Fly Trap

Origin: Coastlines of North Carolina
Trap Type: Fast-snapping active traps
Favorite Food: Houseflies

Basic Plant-$7.95 Add to Cart
VFT Mini Bog - $14.95 Add to Cart

Standard Kit-$19.95 Add to Cart
Deluxe Kit-$29.95 Add to Cart
Venus Flytrap Deluxe Kit

Sundew Deluxe Kit
Sundew Character

Caesar the Sundew

Origin: Australia
Trap Type: Large Sticky Leaves
Favorite Food: Fruit Flies

Basic Plant-$7.95 Add to Cart
Sundew Mini Bog-$14.95 Add to Cart
Standard Kit-$19.95 Add to Cart
Deluxe Kit-$29.95 Add to Cart

    Nick the Nepenthes

   Origin: The Philippines' Jungles
   Trap Type: Digestive Pools of

   Favorite Food: Crickets

Basic Plant-$7.95 - Out Of Stock! Standard Kit-$19.95 - Out Of Stock!
Deluxe Kit-$29.95 - Out Of Stock!
Nepenthes Deluxe Kit
Nepenthes Character

Pitcher Plant Character

Pitcher Plants

Origin: Southeast United States
Trap Type: Digestive Tube

Favorite Food: Yellow Jackets

Rubra-$7.95 Add to Cart
Scarlett Belle-$7.95 Add to Cart
Yellow Jacket-$7.95 Add to Cart

Carnivore Lair
Terrarium Character

Deluxe Terrarium Kits

Large Terrarium Includes:
•4 Venus Fly Traps
•4 Sundews, assorted species
•2 Nepenthes
•2 Pitcher Plants, special selection
•2 Scarlet Belle Pitcher Plants

The Jungle-$64.95 Add to Cart
Deluxe Jungle-$74.95 Add to Cart

    Seed & Garden Kit

Grow Your Own Bug-Catching Garden! Kit Includes everything you need and over 40 seeds including:
•Venus Fly Trap
•Cape Sundew
•Pink Sundew
•And Many More!

My Venus Fly Trap & Friends-$19.95 Add to Cart
Venus Flytrap Seed Kit
Venus Flytrap Seed Kit Character

Accessories Character

Books & Accessories

Great Selection of foods, decorations, educational items, care essentials, and extra parts to keep your plant healthy and looking great:
•Pet Food
•Terrariums, Pots, & Soil
•Other Care Essentials

Dried Flies-$3.45 Add to Cart
Hungry Plants-$3.99 Add to Cart
Accessories Overview

We have the highest quality Venus Fly Traps, Sundews, Pitcher Plants, and Nepenthes. All of our carnivorous plants are healthy, and actively growing. None of our carnivorous plants are collected from fields or obtained by any illegal or harmful methods. We take pride in our products and want you to have the best experience growing your own carnivorous plants.

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"Just wanted to thank you for a great venus Fly Trap we bought as a Christmas present. My daughter loved it and is having a great time with it..."
-Riki in Wyoming

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