Pitcher Plant

  Pitcher Plant Quick Facts

  Origin: Southeast United States
  Trap Type: Digestive Tube Traps
  Favorite Food: Yellow Jackets
  Dislikes: Getting Stepped On
  Care Level: Easy
  Scientific Name: Sarracenia

Pitcher Plant in the field

grow a nepenthes

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more growing

Basic Rubra

Pitcher Plant

Basic Rubra Pitcher Plant
Includes:  Established actively growing Rubra Pitcher Plant, 3 inch plastic pot, water tray, and 8-page care booklet
Price:  $7.95
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Plant Collection

Pitcher Plant Collection
Includes:  Pitcher Plants (1 Rubra, 1 Scarlet Belle, 1 Yellow Jacket), 3 3 inch plastic pots, 3 water trays, and 3 8-page care booklets
Price:  $21.85
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"Just wanted to thank you for a great venus fly trap we bought as a Christmas present. My daughter loved it and is having a great time with it..."
-Riki in Wyoming

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