Growing and Feeding Your Venus Fly Trap

  Venus Fly Trap Quick Facts

  Origin: Coastlines of North Carolina
  Trap Type: Fast-snapping Active Traps
  Favorite Food: Houseflies
  Dislikes: Vegetables
  Care Level: Medium
  Scientific Name: Dionaea muscipula

venus fly trap with prey

Basic Growing Instructions

Below are some basic growing instructions to help you get familiar with what is required to keep your new venus Fly Trap pet healthy and happy. Please make sure you follow all of these instructions as your new pet may get sick if you can't meet these requirements. We will have our friend Seymour the Venus Fly Trap tell you from his perspective what he likes:

Hi! I’m Seymour, and thanks for learning about me. These instructiosn will help you get to know me better and teach you how to keep me happy so we can stay friends! First, a little about me. My birthday is April 6th. I’m an Aries, which, in the carnivorous plant world, means I am deeply affectionate and love attention. My favorite activities are eating fresh bugs and watching cartoons. Best of all, I love being your pet! Here are some important ideas to keep in mind once you bring me home.


First of all, I like humid environments, so unless you live in a humid place (greater than 50%), keep me in my cage with the lid on unless we are playing or eating. If you don't have a cage, you may want to use a container to protect me from drafts, heaters, or air conditioners to help me stay moist. My cage also keeps me from sneaking out at night and scaring the family!

Watering Me

Please make sure my soil stays moist and dark (dark soft soil is moist, brown crisp soil is dry). You will need to water me a little once a week or so to maintain this. You can pour water directly into my pot and on the cage bedding, or simpy use the My Carnivore Spray Mister to keep me and my environment moist. Be careful not to overwater me. If my soil is saturated (water comes out when pressing on it), try to dry me out before my roots rot. You can also leave 1/4 inch of water in my cage or water tray and I will absorb the water through my roots. This is espeically good for me if you live in a very dry place or if you are leaving me home alone on vacation. Please do not use regular tap water. This has minerals that can really hurt me. To keep me alive for years, use collected rain water or distilled (RO) bottled water. You can keep a cup outside and use that to water me after it rains!


I love sunlight, so please place me in or next to a partially light windowsill or let me go outside during the summer. If I am in direct sunlight in a warm place, place my lid partially off so I don’t get too hot. I can also grow well directly under fluorescent lights, like in a terrarium. Don’t worry if my cage is covered with mist on the inside. This means I am recycling water and have created my own ecosystem! Feel free to tap the cage or wipe off the inside to get a better view.

Winter Care

I like to hibernate for about 3-4 months in the winter (Nov – Feb). During this time I won’t grow and some of my leaves may die. Don’t worry though—I will grow back even bigger in the spring! During this time, make sure I get less light and place me in a cooler area (next to a cool window inside or light frosts only outside) so I know it’s time to rest. I won’t need as much water (just keep my soil medium dark), and I won’t be as hungry either. If you buy me in the winter, please note that I may be smaller and not as hungry, but don't worry, I will be ready to grow again soon!

Feeding Me

Yeah, now it is time for my favorite and most important part of my care--feeding me! I love live food, so please never feed me raw meat. I enjoy houseflies, grasshoppers, crickets, ants, moths, and just about any other bug. You can feed me by dropping one of these into my cage and letting me catch it or by dropping it right into my mouth. I can sense movement and will snag the bug in my trap, where I will then absorb many yummy nutrients. Each trap only needs to eat once every two weeks. If you’re not into catching bugs, use the My Carnivore Dried Flies Food Kit to keep me healthy. After a trap is closed 3-4 times, it will die and a new bigger one will grow in its place. My traps will also die if they close several times without food. Be sure to let me bite your finger a little, but not too much--I need food to keep my traps working! Please do not use any fertilizers. Like tap water, it can cause harmful minerals to build up in my pot.

Final Notes

If any of my traps start to turn brown at any time, please remove them before they rot. Having traps die is natural and you can be sure that new ones will grow! In fact, if all of my leaves die, cut them off and place me in a windowsill with moist (not saturated) soil. You’ll be suprised when I pop up again! Well, that should just about do it! I know we can be friends for a very long time, as long as you keep feeding me! As a last reminder, please be sure I am in a humid environment (my cage is just fine) with lots of light. I like weather in the 80-90’s in summer and 30-60’s in winter. Collect rainwater or use distilled (RO) water to water me whenever my soil starts to look lighter. After taking me home, be sure to adopt me and come back to our website often to learn more and look for updates!

Additional Help

If you want to learn more, be sure to check out our detailed venus Fly Trap care page under the Carnivore Care Menu. You can also email us at or call us for free support. When emailing, pictures are always helpful! Best wishes and happy feeding of your Venus Fly Trap!

Seymour the Venus

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