Caesar the Sundew

  Sundew Quick Facts

  Origin: Australia/span>
  Trap Type: Large Sticky Hungry Leaves
  Favorite Food: Fruit Flies & Gnats
  Dislikes: Insect Repellant
  Care Level: Easy
  Scientific Name: Drosera adelae

Sundew with prey

Caesar the Sundew is a friendly looking carnivorous plant. He has many green leaves that come out in all directions and are covered with red tentacles! These beautiful leaves look like dew and glisten in the sun! Bugs better watch out though--sundew leaves are also super sticky! After an insect gets caught in the sticky dew, the leaf will curl up around the catch and will eat the bug right there on the leaf!

Don't worry about touching Caesar. You can pull your finger away, but you may see some sticky goo stuck to it that washes right off. Sundews are one of the most common and widespread carnivorous plants. The Drosera capensis sold by My Carnivore is one of the easiest sundews to grow and the most exciting one to watch. You can watch a fly, a mosquito, a knat, a fruit fly, or any other small bug stuggle against the glue as the tentacles and leave move to surround the insect. The bug is then digested right there on the leaf!

He's really fun to feed, play with, and show off! Once he arrives at your house, you can decorate his cage (the beware of plant sign with bones is always fun), play toys with him (he loves the tasty temptations bugs), and give him a new name! Once you come up with his name, come back to and adopt him! You'll get a free adoption certificate you can hang on the wall and access to special owner's only pages filled with pictures, stories, and more.

Sundew variety may vary depending on availability. We are now shipping Drosera capensis, a native of South Africa.

Caesar the

Sundew Kit

Caesar the Sundew Kit
Includes:  Large, healthy adult Sundew, heavy duty cage/terrarium, custom pot, cage bedding and background art, and 8 page care booklet
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Mini Bog

Sundew Mini Bog
Includes:  Terrarium, 2-Exotic Sundew Plant plugs, colorful stackable top with handle, humidity control partitions, carnivore soil medium, planting tweezers,creepy critter and planting/growing instructions
Price:  $14.95
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