Venus Fly Trap Pictures

  Venus Fly Trap Quick Facts

  Origin: Coastlines of North Carolina
  Trap Type: Fast-snapping Active Traps
  Favorite Food: Houseflies
  Dislikes: Vegetables
  Care Level: Medium
  Scientific Name: Dionaea muscipula

venus fly trap with prey

Venus Fly Trap Pictures

Venus Fly Trap Pictures are fascinating, wondrous, and scary! These plants are absolutely amazing, and pictures can hardly capture how unique they are. Check out our gallery of venus fly trap pictures and dream of your own fun pet plant. All pictures are taken of My Carnivore plants that are ready to ship to you!

Mouse over the thumbnails to see larger versions of the pictures. In some cases you can click on the enlarged venus fly trap pictures to see even larger versions.

A beautiful cluster of Venus Fly Traps   Venus Fly Trap with a dangerous mouth   Venus Fly Trap with a dangerous mouth   Venus Fly Trap with a dangerous mouth   Venus Fly Trap with a dangerous mouth  

Basic Venus

Fly Trap Plant

Basic Venus Flytrap Plant
Includes:  Healthy adult Venus Flytrap, 3 inch plastic pot, water tray, and 8-page care booklet
Price:  $7.95
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Seymour the Venus

Fly Trap Deluxe Kit

Seymour the Venus Flytrap Deluxe Kit
Includes:  Seymour the Venus Flytrap Kit PLUS dried flies carnivore food kit, spray mister, graveyard kit, and Tasty Temmptations Cage Decor
Price:  $29.95
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"Just wanted to thank you for a great venus fly trap we bought as a Christmas present. My daughter loved it and is having a great time with it..."
-Riki in Wyoming

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