Seymour the Venus Fly Trap

  Venus Fly Trap Quick Facts

  Origin: Coastlines of North Carolina
  Trap Type: Fast-snapping Active Traps
  Favorite Food: Houseflies
  Dislikes: Vegetables
  Care Level: Medium
  Scientific Name: Dionaea muscipula

venus fly trap with prey

Seymour the Venus Fly Trap may look scary, but he really makes a great pet. His jaws move super-fast and bite anything that falls inside them. A Venus Fly Trap can eat all kinds of bugs, flies and insects, but you should be safe! Seymour loves children and he is definately not bashful--you can show him off anywhere! Your Venus Fly Trap will make a great bug-catching pet no matter what your age is!

A Venus Fly Trap is one of the most amazing plants in the world. Their jaws-of-death move with lightning fast speed to trap the unlucky bug that lands on one of the plant's sweet pads. Venus Fly Trap leaves have sensors that detect motion inside its mouth. After one is moved, the trap gets poised to snap shut. After a second hit, it snaps shut! This two-hit requirement keeps a venus Fly Trap from closing on water, wind, or a still object such as a leaf.

Yes, Seymour the venus Fly Trap will bite your finger, but it won't hurt, so don't be too scared. The whole family will enjoy having Seymour the Venus Fly Trap around. Once he arrives at your house, you can decorate his cage (the beware of plant sign with bones is always fun), play toys with him (he loves the tasty temptations bugs), and give him a new name! Our Venus Fly Trap Care Instructions and care assessories such as the Dried Flies Food Kit and Spray Mister will help you keep your pet healthy and happy.

Once you come up with his new name and are ready to make him part of the family, come back to and adopt your Venus Fly Trap. You'll get a free adoption certificate you can hang on the wall and access to special owner's only pages filled with pictures, stories, and more.

Venus Flytrap

Mini Bog

Venus Flytrap Mini Bog
Includes:  Terrarium, 2-Venus Flytrap Plant plugs, colorful stackable top with handle, humidity control partitions, carnivore soil medium, planting tweezers,creepy critter and planting/growing instructions
Price:  $14.95
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Basic Venus

Fly Trap Plant

Basic Venus Flytrap Plant
Includes:  Healthy adult Venus Flytrap, 3 inch plastic pot, water tray, and 8-page care booklet
Price:  $7.95
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Seymour the

Venus Fly Trap Kit

Seymour the Venus Flytrap Kit
Includes:  Healthy adult Venus Flytrap, heavy duty cage/terrarium, custom pot, cage bedding and background art, and 8 page care booklet
Price:  $19.95
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"Just wanted to thank you for a great venus Fly Trap we bought as a Christmas present. My daughter loved it and is having a great time with it..."
-Riki in Wyoming

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