Carnivorous Plant SeedsFrom $19.99

Carnivorous Plant Seeds and Kits

Grow Your Own Bug-Catching Garden!

The My Venus Flytrap & Friends Carnivorous Plant Seed & Garden Kit contains all the carnivorous plant seeds you need to grow your own bug-catching garden.  The kit contains over five species of plants. Carnivorous plant seeds include the popular Venus Fly Trap, plus many unique species of Sundews from USA, Africa, and Australia.

Each Kit of Carnivorous Plant Seeds Includes:

•  Sturdy, round terrarium with feeding hatch
•  Special carnivore soil mix
•  Over 40 seeds including venus fly trap and pink sundew
•  Spray mister
•  Tweezers
•  “Beware of Plant” sign
•  Decorative toy bugs
•  Complete Growing Instructions
•  Free Seed Replacement Guarantee

Your kit will sprout in as few as three weeks (no refrigeration or stratification required) and can live for years.  World-renowned plant experts developed our Seed & Garden Kit, selecting the best varieties of plants, and including written instructions to make sure you have the best experience possible with your kit. We also guarantee your carnivorous plant seeds to sprout or we will you send you a replacement pack of seeds for free!

Each Seed Kit is loaded with fun and is ready for you to grow year-round.  Once planted, the carnivorous plants typically take 3-weeks–3 months to sprout. They make great gifts and are also perfect for science projects and educational projects at home. Kids will love starting their own garden, but these are no ordinary vegetables! Owners can adopt their seedlings and will need to feed and water them to keep their new seedling pets looking great.

 Order your kit today and start your own insect-eating garden!