About Us: Carnivorous Plant Store

About The “My Carnivore” Carnivorous Plant Store

Our carnivorous plant store thinks that these plants are one of nature’s best inventions! Charles Darwin described the Venus Flytrap as “one of the most wonderful plants in the world” . We are proud to be a carnivorous plant store than insists on selling the highest quality plants, while also providing a great learning medium for people of all ages.

My Carnivore believes in preserving nature and protecting natural plants. We hope you can help save carnivorous plants by taking care of yours and sharing it with others. None of the plants for our carnivorous plant store are obtained from illegal field collections, and we do not harm the plants’ natural environment in any way.

Please contact us with any questions, or to learn more about the company or our products.

The My Carnivore concept was created in 2002, and the first product created in 2003. We have sold pets to happy owners all across the country. My Carnivore currently headquarters in Robertsdale, Alabama .

Why Order From My Carnivore?

My Carnivore is the only online, carnivorous plant store where you can order award-winning plants that come with the equipment you require to keep your plant healthy. Many people that buy Venus Flytraps from other companies have them die. In most cases, this untimely funeral is not your fault; your plant came in a prepackaged grave that made it nearly impossible to keep alive! My Carnivore creates a cage/terrarium environment to make it simple to keep your pet alive. If you have tried and failed, try again! We also offer three other types of carnivorous plants—Nepenthes, Sundew, and Pitcher Plants—that are equally as enjoyable as the classic Venus Fly Trap.

What You Get at My Carnivore:

  • Each pet includes a healthly adult carnivorous plant, your choice of a Venus FlytrapSundew, or Pitcher Plant.
  • Every plant comes in a cage/terrarium that maintains the proper growing conditions no matter where you live.
  • Each cage contains bedding on the bottom that recycles water, creating the perfect humid environment.
  • Cages are decorated with custom My Carnivore artwork.
  • Each plant includes an 8 page care instruction booklet.  Web and email support are also available.
  • A full range of product accessories, health items, decorations, and toys are available for you and your pet on our online carnivorous plant store.

Who Is My Carnivore For?

Both children and adults enjoy My Carnivore plants. It is the perfect unique gift that can be enjoyed by anyone. Here are some of the many places where My Carnivore fits in:

  • Carnivorous plants are the perfect first pet for children. They must feed and water it, but they don’t have any messes to clean up afterwards. If Mom ends up taking care of it after a week, not a problem!
  • My Carnivore pets are great for kitchens where they can eat fruit flies, houseflies, and other pests. They are the perfect chemical-free, house-friendly pesticide.
  • My Carnivore pets are great for apartments and dorm rooms where other pets aren’t allowed or just don’t have enough room.
  • Carnivorous plants make a great educational item for school-aged children. They can learn about their pet and the other 600 species of insect-eating plants worldwide!
  • My Carnivore pets are completely safe, 100% hypo-allergenic and can get along with any other house pets or houseplants.
  • Don’t worry about continuously spending money. Your kit comes with everything you need for years and you can always find bugs for free!

Try a My Carnivore Pet today! Order from any other carnivorous plant store and you won’t get a complete pet, just a plant in a plastic pot.

My Carnivore
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