Carnivorous Plants For Sale

Carnivorous Plants For Sale

Pick Which Carnivore is Best for You!

Welcome to My Carnivore, where you can purchase your own carnivorous plants! Choose from Venus fly traps, sticky sundews, and treacherous pitcher plants! Here at My Carnivore, each pet comes with its own healthy plant, cage/terrarium, pot, bedding, and background.  You can personalize your plant’s home by selecting which kit is best for you, and adding accessories!

Which plant is the best fit for you: one that’s scary, friendly, or unusual?  The three carnivorous plants for sale at My Carnivore are the Venus Fly Trap, the Sundew, and the Pitcher Plant.  The Venus Fly Trap isn’t the only type of plants that eats bugs.  Actually, there are over 600 types of carnivorous plants in the world!  Each plant is great at trapping food in it’s own entertaining way.

Seymour The Scary-Looking Venus Fly Trap

Seymour the Venus Fly Trap is one of the most famous carnivorous plants.  He sits and waits for a bug to enter his jaws.  When he feels a bug move around inside, he snaps closed on his unsuspecting meal!

Seymour has hairs around his mouth that look like teeth.  Even though he’s small, he looks quite scary!

If you were hoping for a plant that looks scary, then Seymour is the right plant for you!  Click on his picture to learn more about him and how to take him home with you!


Caesar The Friendly-Looking Sundew

Caesar is a friendlier looking plant than Seymour, so bugs don’t suspect that he’s a sneaky carnivore waiting to trap them!  Caesar the Sundew glistens beautifully in the sunlight, tricking bugs into thinking there are yummy drops of nectar on his leaves.  When the bug lands, it learns the hard way that the beautiful drops on the Caesar aren’t nectar, but glue that doesn’t let them escape!

Do you want your plant to look friendly, then surprises everyone when it can also devour flies?  Learn how to adopt Caesar by clicking on his picture!

Percy The Unusual-Looking Pitcher Plant

Are you looking for a plant that is unusual, like it’s from the jungle?  If so, Percy is the perfect pet for you!  Click on Percy’s picture to learn more about how to have him in your home.

Percy the Pitcher Plant lures bugs in with his smell and interesting colors—yellows, greens, reds, pinks, and even purples.  When a bug wanders inside one of his pitchers, they fall into a small pool of fluid, and can’t climb back up the slick sides of the tube!

Terrariums and Seed Kits with All Three Carnivores!

Each carnivorous plant as My Carnivore has it’s own way of catching its food: the snapping Venus Fly Trap, the sticky Sundew, and the showy Pitcher Plant.  All three are excellent at catching bugs in their own, unique way.  If you are having a hard time choosing just one favorite, check out our terrarium that have all three plants! You can also try growing your own!