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Caesar the Sundew

Here at My Carnivore, we have only the best and healthiest Sundew plants for sale. Kids enjoy watching Caesar devour bugs, and caring for him is easy!

Caesar the Sundew is a friendly -looking carnivorous plant. His scientific names is Drosera capensis. He has green leaves that come out in all directions. Covering the leaf are thousands of tiny, red tentacles.  The tips of these tentacles glisten like dew, but bugs better watch out—Sundew leaves are also super sticky! After an insect gets caught on the sticky dew, the leaf will slowly curl around the catch and eat it!  What a sneaky plant Caesar is—disguised as an average plant, but secretly a carnivore!

Don’t worry about touching Caesar; when you pull away, you may see some goo stuck to your finger, but it will wash right off.  Caesar is safe to have around children and other household animals.  He is also really fun to feed, play with, and show off!


A Basic Sundew Plant Includes:

  • 1 healthy, adult sundew
  • 3 inch plastic pot
  • Water tray
  • 8 page care booklet

Our Kits include all-weather terrariums to keep your plant healthy:

  • Healthy, adult plants
  • Heavy duty cage/terrarium
  • Cage bedding and background
  • Custom Pot
  • 8 page care booklet

Add accessories to keep you plant happy and healthy!

  • Dried flies and spray mister
  • Cage decorations
  • Educational Books

Whether Caesar finds a home in your living room, your office desk, or your porch, you can watch a fly, a mosquito, a gnat, a fruit fly, or any other small bug struggle against the glue.

You can also decorate Caesar’s cage (the “Beware of Plant” sign adds a nice touch), or play toys with him (he loves the Tasty Temptations bugs). Check out his friends Seymour the Venus Fly Trap and Percy the Pitcher Plant as well!

The variety of Sundew plants for sale may vary depending on availability.